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Author Topic: Choosing the right niche segment - Confused?
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Post Choosing the right niche segment - Confused?
on: February 18, 2015, 20:27

Hi Moe
OK here are my next 2 questions to push me through the course. I’ve found a niche, maybe two that may be decent. My question is whether it’s better to go after just a specific segment of the niche or after a larger segment where I can bring in related terms? I’m stuck on this part right now:

For example, if my niche was “Back Pain”, (keyword search 135,000 monthly), would it be best to go for “Low Back Pain”(27,100 Keyword Searches Avg. Monthly) – then I could build pages called (low back pain exercises, low back pain meds, low back pain standing etc.) or choose an even smaller niche “lower back pain treatment (9900 Keyword Searches)?

Actually the main search term combination I’m looking at does have a monthly search of (135,000) but my secondary “Help Word” only has a Keyword search of 6,600 but there are two words at that level and a 3rd help term that are related so essentially about 16,000 searches per month if I targeted those three help keywords on my homepage – not using EMD for site name of course.

Now if I’m making a site around the 16,000 (three keywords), within that site I would create additional pages that have VERY SPECIFIC problems / (the low competition words). For example, “back pain while sleeping” – 400, “back pain while sitting” – 500. Those are just examples of pages I would build. The average monthly searches are low but very specific searches.

2. A second question since I’m here: Is it advisable or OK to use 2 or more different affiliates from Clickbank on one site like the back pain example above. Say there’s a good Clickbank Product for “Back Pain While Sleeping” and a different Product for “Back Pain While Sitting”. Should I promote each individually on the appropriate corresponding pages? I guess essentially making each page on my site an informational page and sales page combined. OR my Tier 2 page would be informational leading to my Tier 3 sales click bank page.

Just thinking out loud here: Basically what I’m asking is, IF the main keyword was BACK PAIN with 135,000 monthly searches, would it be advisable to go after the “Help KeyWord” of something like Help Cure Back Pain that has 10,000 searches let’s say because those people are actually looking for a cure and are desperate for help? I guess my segment would be the people who are actually searching for help, treatment or a cure.

Just wrapping my head around this whole thing. I believe I’m good at finding the low hanging fruit / low competition keywords – I’ve done that decently for years – but what I want to get right from the start is my overall site niche “Keyword”. I hope you understand what I’m trying to figure out. I don’t want to get into a niche like lower back pain cures and still have to compete with words/sites that are geared towards low back pain symptoms etc.

Thanks Moe and keep warm, it’s going down to -14F here tomorrow without the wind chill.


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Post Re: Choosing the right niche segment - Confused?
on: February 19, 2015, 01:43

Hi Joe – answers to your questions:

1) Definitely go as narrow as you feel comfortable going. So, “Back pain” is WAY too broad, but “Low back pain” is much better.

Regarding creating pages around very specific problems: that’s exactly the approach you should be taking.

Keep in mind that long-tail keywords (i.e. phrases that have 3+ words in them, like “back pain while sleeping”) tend to have much less competition. So those are the keywords you want to create pages for FIRST, so you’ll be able to rank them faster. And once you establish a history with Google (i.e. by ranking some of your pages), you’ll then be able to go after the higher-volume terms that are shorter (the “head” keywords) and more competitive.

2) Yes, it’s completely fine to use 2 or more different Clickbank products on the same site. Bottom line: you want the best fit between the problem your audience has and the solution a product offers. If that means promoting 2 (or 3, or 10) different products, that’s what you should do.

Regarding the main keyword for your site: it definitely has to be narrower than “Back pain”. The broadest I would go is “Low back pain” (and I’d go even narrower, with “Low back pain treatment”).

Remember: Google rewards focus. In the early days of building up your site, whenever you’re deciding between keywords to target, ALWAYS go with the more-focused, longer-tail keyword. You can always widen your scope once you’ve got traction and Google is ranking some of your pages.

3) -14F! It’s +82F today here in Bali (+28C). I can remember those below-zero days in Canada. Don’t miss em…

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