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Author Topic: Struggling With Finding My Niche
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Post Struggling With Finding My Niche
on: January 15, 2015, 17:45

Hey all. So, currently I’m partially through the videos and still struggling landing on my niche. I have many interests, but the ones that I’m passionate about either don’t seem like they would work well enough, or are over saturated. I’ve had experience designing and running various sites, but this one is a real struggle. And now, here I am asking for help or any thoughts that might help me refine.

For starters, I’ve been a creative director at ad agencies technology/startup firms for about 16 years. I’m also an adjunct instructor at a university in PA teaching last year students how to prepare for life in a design career. I’m in love with all things creative. I currently have run the following sites…

Sadly, I’m having a hard time monetizing any of them. This is why I signed up for the NicheSherpa course with the hopes of being able to apply learnings to these sites, or create a new one that I can really focus on monetizing, as the others weren’t originally started with that intention. Initially, I landed on this niche site, but after watching a couple videos again, I’m afraid I may have picked one with no hope.

That said, areas of passion are design, creative, startups, technology, web design and wordpress, and teaching. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find one that has the same level of need/problems in the market as the example that Moe uses.

Any thoughts or advice for a struggling Niche Sherpa? Thanks a ton.


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Post Re: Struggling With Finding My Niche
on: January 16, 2015, 00:30

Hi Josh,

Great question, and I think this will be a good example for other members. Let’s go through the process, step-by-step, in this thread.

I quickly went through your sites, and one common theme emerged: they’re all beautifully designed, and the emphasis seems to be on visual appeal. That’s great, but I don’t get a strong “call-to-action” feel from any of the sites – I just want to spend hours looking at all the beautiful visuals. At no point did I feel compelled to buy something (or even think about HOW I could buy something from any of the sites).

But maybe that’s because I’m not a member of your target audience (I don’t consider myself to be a very creative person).

That leads to a few questions:

(1) Have you given any thought as to who your niche audience can be? What group of people do you want to help?

(2) If identifying a niche audience is difficult, let’s stick with the broad niche of “design”, and your own personal experience. Have you tried (a) brainstorming problems you’ve had personally in doing design work, or (b) browsing through forums for designers, and seeing what problems they’re discussing?

And a third question: HOW do you want to monetize your passion for design? Providing services (i.e. actually doing design work) is an obvious one. Because you signed up for this course, I assume you want to move past that and get into more “passive” streams of income?

Give me a little info on those questions, and we can move forward.


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Post Re: Struggling With Finding My Niche
on: April 5, 2015, 14:00

Hay Josh I’m having a problem along the same idea. what i’m look in to do is a member site. if you don’t have a strong product to sell maybe you can do instructional course or a forum room for people can share their designs. hope it helps

look forward to learn how to pick a great niche and make some money
I’m 53 from long island NY I’ve had 1 auto site did nothing within use i could’t figure it out and i have 1 I set up my self but chose the wrong niche & let it sit pretty much sit for about 1or 2 yrs now.

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Post Re: Struggling With Finding My Niche
on: April 5, 2015, 23:44

Great tip, James! Membership sites, in which you teach a course (and have a forum, like Niche Sherpa) can be a great product. It allows people to learn at their own pace – and when you add a forum, the interactivity can be a great way to reinforce the learning.

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