Give Me 60 Days and I'll Help You Find a Niche That's Profitable AND Fun!

Dear Niche Marketer,

If you're reading this page, you're probably new to Internet marketing, and have been struggling to find a niche that is both profitable AND one that you enjoy.

You’ve probably also been struggling with the MOUNTAIN of information out there on how to start a profitable online business. I know exactly how you feel.

Not just because I’ve been there, but because subscribers to my blog ( have told me so. In a survey that I’ve been running on my blog, hundreds of newbies to IM have told me in great detail the problems they’re facing in starting an online business. Let me know if you’re facing any of these challenges:

  • Finding a profitable niche
  • Finding a niche that isn’t already packed with competition
  • Finding a niche that you like AND is lucrative
  • The proper steps to follow in finding a niche
  • How to find affiliate products once you’ve settled on a niche
  • How to develop your own information products to sell to your niche
  • How to get traffic to your site(s)

If you’re facing any of these challenges, I can assure you of one thing:

You’re not alone.

There are hundreds of people who subscribe to my blog alone who experience these daily struggles.

And I used to, too, until I came up with a proven system for finding lucrative niches that are profitable straight out of the gate!

What People Say About My Niche-Finding System:

Alex Whalley

Moe has been instrumental in helping me achieve the success I have had today. And now he’s gone and built a Niche Sherpa! Making money online comes down to 2 fundamental areas.

► Understanding your (niche)market, and
► Knowing where to find your (traffic) buyers.

Moe is one marketer who lives and breathes these 2 fundamental laws, and with the training and support provided in Niche Sherpa he has over delivered on these exact values – showing you step by step how to find, research, and then make money from a niche.

What I personally like about the Niche Sherpa Course/Program is that the modules are clearly laid out and easy to follow. The Niche Sherpa Forum is the icing on the cake for me, providing a rich community of like minded individuals – all willing to share their experiences and lessons.

And Moe is never more than a thread away either! If you are looking to make money online then I cannot recommend Niche Sherpa highly enough. Cut through the BS and the hype and learn the fundamental rules of niche marketing with Niche Sherpa and Moe, one of the most genuine marketers I know.

Alex Whalley,
C.E. Hill

The Niche Sherpa video instructions and PDF reports have been invaluable. I constantly refer to them and am creating a new marketing launch using your advice. Thanks also for the niche research vids.

Following that advice has gotten me through the fog. I now know what markets I want to focus on and how I want to do it. It’s taken a lot of research and purchases for me to keep up with the constantly changing IM trends but finding your site has helped me immensely.

I have organized my marketing plans and found the niches I to get me back on the road to make money.

C.E. Hill,

Introducing the

Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course

Here’s what you get in the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course:

  • 1

    12 Training Videos

    That guide you through my process to find a niche that you’re passionate about AND is lucrative

  • 2

    PDFs that take you, Step-by-Step

    Through my process of finding a profitable niche and building an online business

  • 3

    Homework Assignments

    That make you accountable, but that you can complete at your own pace

  • 4

    Niche Sherpa Members Community

    Where you can ask questions about the modules, share your successes and challenges, and network with like-minded people. And I'm in the Community every day answering questions and giving advice!

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I specifically designed the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course for internet marketing newbies who are looking for a step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand process for finding a profitable niche.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Some internet marketers have a passion for building websites, and others love driving traffic. My passion is market research. I love getting inside the heads of consumers and learning the challenges they’re facing, the problems they need solving, their dreams, aspirations, you name it.

  • I’ve spent the past ten years as a market researcher, starting with fieldwork I did in India for my Master’s degree. Here’s a picture of me hanging out with some villagers during focus group interviews I was conducting (back when I had hair):
  • I’ve designed and implemented large surveys (both offline and online) from scratch, and have spent hundreds of hours honing my online market research skills.
  • In the process, I’ve developed a niche research system that has allowed me to zero in on the most painful problems in a niche, and develop information products that are profitable from the get-go. And I mean profitable AFTER paying for advertising (because anyone can make a profit from free traffic!)
  • As a result of my niche research methods, I've been able to create info products in different markets and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of info products over the past few years.

Here's a recent screenshot of one of my Clickbank accounts:

Ryan Levesque

What can I say about Moe? If there's a man in this group who's love affair with surveys runs deeper than mine? Moe is that man.

He and I are probably 2 of maybe 10 people on the planet who studied under the great Dr. Glenn Livingston (my single biggest mentor and influence in business) and MASTERED his survey methodology.

On the research side of things? Moe's knowledge and expertise arguably runs deeper than mine.

And most importantly?

He figured out a way to live the envious surfer lifestyle in Bali, Indonesia with his wife and kids - whilst enjoying a VERY comfortable living running his lifestyle business in an obscure niche that has NOTHING to do with how to make money.

Ryan Levesque, “The Funnel Specialist”, who has generated over $37 million in additional revenue for his private clients

Ryan Levesque

The Key to Success Online: Choosing the Right Niche

After two years of struggle, it finally dawned on me that one of the keys to building an online business is choosing the right niche.

But that's easier said than done. It's only through much trial and error that I've refined a niche research technique that allows me to pick out winners BEFORE building a website, or trying to find traffic.

Now, in my experience the reason most people quit IM before they've achieved success is that they get overwhelmed with the amount they have to learn and do. The key, in my experience, is to break the process down into manageable chunks - so you don't get overwhelmed by a mountain of things to do, don't know where to start, and feel you don't have the time to get everything accomplished.

That's why I've called my video coaching course “Niche Sherpa”.

You might have heard the word “sherpa” before. A sherpa is a mountain guide - a guide who has a lot of experience in navigating the steep slopes of a mountain, and can help you reach the pinnacle. In my experience, getting a profitable online business going is like climbing a mountain. It's a journey that many people need a guide to help them through.

In my Niche Sherpa Video Coaching course, I've broken things down into modules. In each module, you'll learn a handful of key lessons, then I'll give you some homework. The homework will get you to implement one thing at a time - so you take small steps forward, and gain confidence as you go along.

Howie Jacobson

We're going to talk today about finding and serving niches using research that you started out by studying other people and you've refined it to a system that you've been doing for several years.

You're getting some attention and notoriety and fame in the blogosphere for the clear way you have operationalized and  are  now  beginning  to  teach  this. 

That  was  my  interest  in  talking  to  you  because,  for  me, market  conversations are  the  most  important  things  we  do.

It  looks  like  you  have  a  lot  of experience  around  doing  it  in  a  profitable  and  ethical  and  really  efficient  and  streamlined  way. That's  what  I  want  to  explore  with  you.”

Howie Jacobson, author of “Adwords for Dummies”, interviews Moe on “Advanced Market Research

Howie Jacobson

Try Niche Sherpa for 14 Days for Only $4.95!

Then pay only $23 per month to continue your membership
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What you'll learn from the Niche Sherpa training videos:

  • 1

    How to calculate if a niche can support you (in less than 5 minutes)

  • 2

    Why picking products first is the worst way to start an online business

  • 3

    Why you DON’T need to be passionate about your site’s topic to make a killing online

  • 4

    8 ways to identify your interests BEFORE starting your online business – and why this is crucial to your success

  • 5

    The top 3 ways to get traffic to your website

  • 6

    4 proven ways to brainstorm an audience that you can promote products to for a lifetime

  • 7

    The one simple tactic that will give you endless ideas for products to promote

I want to stress that I actively participate in the forum every day, and do my best to provide specific advice on how to move your business forward.

The forum is an excellent support system for you, because I know that one of the biggest barriers to success is believing that you can do it. The forum is geared in a way that it's a solid form of support for members.

It's my goal to make the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching course the most comprehensive course on how to build a niche business. So, I regularly add material to the course every month.

Jane Elmore

I have been using Niche Sherpa since its inception. It has given me clear explanations and a very clear road map of how to make money on line. I have come to rely on this programme for all my online needs.

Before Niche Sherpa I made zero dollars on line and whilst online selling is not real easy I have since seen an improvement in my bottom line. Actually this is the only programme that HAS made me money.

The MASSIVE amount of training is incrediable. I now have three sites on page one of Google with one sitting in the number 1 position.

Moe, I have looked at all the other programmes offered and yours is the best. If I can ever be of any help to you I would be honoured to do so.

Jane Elmore,

So Why Am I Sharing This Information?

Now at this point you might be wondering, Moe if you're so passionate about niche research, why don't you just give away your video course, so more people can have it? That's a great question, and I have three reasons why I'm charging for it:

  • I've spent a heck of a lot of time preparing this course. In my opinion, it's the most comprehensive niche research course on the market, and I've spent a lot of time and effort trying to make it complete AND easy to follow
  • It's a fact that if a product is free, some people place a lower value on it. Quite simply, I think that if I made this course free, it would cheapen the perceived value of it, and fewer people would take it seriously.
  • I only want to make this course available to people who are serious about starting and growing an online business. But I also want as many people as possible to join the program. That's why I'm offering a two-week trial for only $4.95, and charging a paltry $23 a month thereafter. So by charging for this video course, I'm targeting people who WILL succeed - because they realize that success requires an investment - an investment of time AND money.

What you'll learn from the Niche Sherpa training videos:

  • 8

    10 guaranteed ways to home in on the problems in a niche

  • 9

    How to add value to an information product (so you’re not stuck selling $7 ebooks)

  • 10

    7 steps to determine the profit potential of a niche

  • 11

    How to choose the best traffic source for your website

  • 12

    2 steps to deeply understanding the problems in a niche

  • 13

    The single best way to get desperate buyers to tell you EXACTLY what solutions they will pay for

  • 14

    3 steps to find the best affiliate products to promote

  • 15

    How to create your own information products

Try Niche Sherpa for 14 Days for Only $4.95!

Then pay only $23 per month to continue your membership
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Join the School of Internet Marketing

Let me put it this way: a lot of people go to college for 3 or 4 years, and when they graduate they're thousands of dollars in debt, and usually get a low-paying job (if they can find a job at all). And what does their job consist of? Sitting in a cube in an office building.

Now, what do you get when you graduate from the "school of Internet marketing"? You get a lifestyle that allows you to work where you want and when you want. And how much money you make is limited only by your ingenuity and how hard you work.

That's right, I said "how hard you work". Because succeeding online requires EFFORT. In fact, it requires A LOT of effort. But there are ways of cutting down the learning curve, and accelerating quicker toward your goals.

Just like getting a college degree, starting and growing an online business requires an investment. But the great thing is that unlike a college degree, an online business doesn't require tens of thousands of dollars and 3 or 4 years - IF you're willing to invest a bit of money and time to do things right.

Let me say one last thing about this: niche research is my passion, and I'm in this for the long haul. So I'm not going to sell you something and then just abandon you.

So who is this video course NOT for? Well, if you're already 100% sure that you've picked the right niche, and you've chosen a niche that's already making you good money, then I don't think you need my course. Save your money for outsourcing some of your work (and here's a piece of advice: don't make the mistake that I did, and wait too long before outsourcing. Leveraging the time and skills of talented people in places like the Philippines can help you rapidly expand your online business)

Let me tell you something: if you think you're the only one who has spent months (or years) researching, learning, and wasting time, you're NOT ALONE. I get emails *every single day* from people who are pulling their hair out over this Internet marketing thing.

Having talked to, and emailed, a lot of these people, it's clear what the problem is: people are overwhelmed by the amount of information there is out there, and they don't know where to start. And if they've trying to make money online for a while, they're scared to make more mistakes, and lose more money.

Now, I'm not here to tell you that my course (or any course) is the magic bullet that will result in "cash flying into your pockets while you sleep" (have you seen those cheesy sales page?) But what I can guarantee you is that there is one thing that separates successful marketers from the failures: knowledge of the needs of their target audiences.

Try Niche Sherpa for 14 Days for Only $4.95!

Then pay only $23 per month to continue your membership
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What you'll learn from the Niche Sherpa training videos:

  • 16

    The single biggest mistake IM newbies make when selecting a product to promote – and why it makes their businesses fail

  • 17

    The 4 best types of websites for IM newbies to set up

  • 18

    2 proven ways to create your own information product quickly and easily

  • 19

    Top questions & answers websites - Use this list of 34 top websites, along with the training videos, to accelerate your niche research.

  • 20

    65 Online Training Videos (and more added each month) that will take me through the proven Niche Sherpa niche discovery system (including homework assignments!)

Niche Sherpa Coaching Videos List

  • Introduction to the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course
  • Module # 1: Niche Marketing 101
  • Module # 2: Getting Your Head Straight
  • Module # 3: How to Brainstorm Audiences
  • Module # 4: How to FIll Your Problems Bucket
  • Module # 5: How to Zero-In on High-Potential Problems
  • Module # 6: Understand Problems Deeply: The Private Investigator Approach
  • Module # 7: Understand Problems Deeply: The Survey Researcher Approach
  • Module # 7a: Building a Seed List of Keywords
  • Module # 7b: Keyword Organization
  • Module # 7c: How to Set Up Your Survey
  • Module # 7d: How to Register a Domain Name
  • Module # 7e: How to Install WP Survey Plugin and Launch a Survey Page
  • Module # 7f: How to Set Up a Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Module # 7g: How to Ananlyze Survey Date
  • Module # 8: Finding and (Developing Offers)
  • Module # 8a: How to Find an Expert for Your Information Product
  • Module # 8b: How to Create Your Ebook
  • Module # 9: Setting Up your Website
  • Module # 9a: How to Set Up a Website That Converts
  • Module # 10: How To Get Traffic

Free Bonuses!

  • Niche Sherpa Mountain Guide

    This 26-page PDF is a step-by-step reference guide that takes you through the entire Niche Sherpa process.

    What does that mean for you? It means that you can watch the videos without worrying about taking notes – because the Niche Sherpa process is laid outfor you, step-by-step, in the Mountain Guide.

  • Members’ Community

    One of the biggest challenges facing internet marketing newbies is a sense of OVERWHELM. But feeling overwhelmed quickly goes away when you have a chance to talk to people who are in your situation AND those who have “made it”.

    The Niche Sherpa Members’ Community will be a supportive forum in which members can ask questions about the Niche Sherpa system, discuss their challenges and successes, and network with likeminded people.

  • Homework assignments after each training module

    If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “Now what do I do?” these homework assignments will be your answer. After each of the training videos, you’ll know the exact steps to take next. Just follow the homework assignment!

  • 46 Website-building videos

    If you’re a “do-it-yourself” type of person, these videos will be perfect for you. Each video shows you one step in the process of setting up a WordPress website.

  • Proven Niches Report

    Looking for some ideas to get your creative juices flowing? This list of hundreds of proven niches will give you the kickstart you need to start an online business TODAY.

  • “Pain” Keywords Report

    This PDF lists some of the most common problem keywords that people type into the search engines. Along with the Proven Niches report, this list of keywords will help you to quickly zero in on a hot niche.

Having completed most of the Niche Sherpa program, I can honestly say that it has been everything I could have hoped for and more. It is truly a step by step course and easy for a bonafide beginner (like myself) to follow.

One of the best parts of the program is the forum where you can communicate directly with Moe. Whenever I need to have something clarified, I can simply type in my message in the forum and Moe is always there with a prompt answer to my query.

If you want to get serious with your internet marketing career, specifically, finding a profitable niche and implementing this knowledge, then take a close look at Niche Sherpa.

- Alwyn Smith
And I’m prepared to back up my claim with a 100% no-hassle, 60-day money-back guarantee.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy my course and, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with it, you’re covered by my 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you’ll have 60 full days to decide if the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course is for you. If it’s not, I would EXPECT you to ask for a refund – because I only want to work with internet marketers who are happy to be in my program!

One last thing: if you buy my course, please don't expect to wake up tomorrow morning lying on a bed of $100 bills. This program is for people who are willing to work hard, have persistence, and take a long term perspective to building a sustainable business.

If that's you, I'll be happy to be your guide. And I'll see you on the inside!

To niche profits in 2014,

Moe Muise, M.A.

P.S. I' m not going to pull a fake "scarcity" tactic on you by saying that Niche Sherpa is only available for a limited time. The fact is, it's an ongoing program. But the more you delay taking action, the longer it will be until you start making good money online. Join the Niche Sherpa Coaching Course right now!

Try Niche Sherpa for 14 Days for Only $4.95!

Then pay only $23 per month to continue your membership
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For just over a year I kept trying to figure out how to make money online after my company closed and I had to start my own business. I spent a lot of money on "guru" courses that did nothing but tease me with bits and pieces of information and charge me if I wanted more.

I was their "niche" and they had no problem with capitalizing off of my needs. My wife was fed up, and I was on the verge of tapping out when I saw a link on ClickBank to

I was skeptical, but kept noticing that I had been getting charged for things he gave away free on his site. Call it fate or luck as timing would have it I was able to convince my wife to let me give it one last shot after receiving an offer to be in the very first NicheSherpa group.

Immediately after logging in I knew I had access to something that was unlike any other course I had taken.

Where other courses made you pay for modules, or next steps, Niche Sherpa gave me access to everything all at once. I could go as fast as I wanted or just look into things that I needed to know or found interesting.

In addition, other courses had video only, or PDF only lessons. Amazingly Niche Sherpa has not only both, but there is also a Forum to ask and actually receive real answers from real people who instead of pitch offers speculative nonsense.

I still remain a Niche Sherpa member, and gladly recommend it to anyone who can relate to my situation.

Neal, Computer Corner Hawaii